The new UNESCO site in Texas

BlueSkyTraveler.com - San Antonio UNESCO Missions
The USA's newest World Heritage site dedicated in 2015, the San Antonio Missions are a great history lesson in Spanish colonialism and tell the story ...
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Hotel Review: San Antonio’s Hotel Contessa

BlueSkyTraveler.com - San Antonio - Hotel Contessa
San Antonio's Hotel Contessa is the perfect location to enjoy the best of this historic city. Located on the Riverwalk, this hotel offers a luxury ...
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Lavender in Blanco

Texas Lavender Fields
An overseas trip to France and a stroll through the Provence lavender fields may not be in the budget, but you can still see fields ...
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Painted Churches of Texas

Painted Church - Schulenburg Texas
The Painted Churches of Texas are a sight to be seen. Go inside a plain white steeple church and you will find a European styled ...
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Daytrippin’ Schulenburg Texas

Schulenburg Texas
Daytripping to Schulenburg Texas will transport you into a rich culture of German and Czech heritage.   Settlers immigrated here in the 1800's and brought ...
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Hope Floats in Smithville, Texas

Smithville, Texas
Today's destination - Smithville Texas. One of the Central Texas railroad towns, it has charmed Hollywood with its turn of the century character of its ...
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