Bucket Lists

Lists, Lists, Lists – I will admit that I am an avid list maker and the best way to both accomplish your goals and remember them! These lists are constantly growing as I encounter new ideas.  Please send in your suggestions ->>>

  1. USA Bucket List
  2. International Bucket List
  3. Wonder of the World Bucket List
  4. Wonders of the Natural World Bucket List
  5. Visit all 50 US States
  6. Visit every country in Europe
  7. Visit all Continents
  8. Visit 50 countries
  9. Visit 100 countries
  10. Visit all Countries
  11. Live in Europe for 1 year
  12. Create a Travel Website
  13. Create a Picture Book
  14. Write a Children’s Book
  15. Write a Book about my Travels
  16. Re-Learn Spanish
  17. Learn Italian
  18. Learn German
  19. Learn Russian
  20. Be Indiana Jones for a Day
  21. Play Piano
  22. Play Guitar
  23. Learn to Surf
  24. Swim with dolphins
  25. Swim with whales
  26. Sail the America’s Cup Boat
  27. Participate in a Sailing Race
  28. Ride in a helicopter
  29. Go on a float plane
  30. Ride in a bi-plane
  31. See a Cirque du Soleil show
  32. Ride in a private jet
  33. Go unplugged for a month
  34. Ride a camel
  35. Ride an elephant
  36. Be a part of a humanitarian effort
  37. Spend NYE in an exotic location
  38. Go to the Olympics (Winter)
  39. Go to the Olympics (Summer)