USA Bucket List

  1. USA


    CheckRide in a Bi-plane

  2. CheckSee a proper Fall in Vermont
  3. CheckVisit Yellowstone
  4. CheckSee Mt. Rushmore
  5. CheckGo Dogsledding in Alaska
  6. CheckStand on a Glacier
  7. CheckHike the Grand Canyon
  8. CheckLive in Washington DC
  9. CheckApplaud the sunset in Key West
  10. CheckBe in a Chicago parade like Ferris Bueller
  11. CheckVisit Blackbeard waters on the Outer Shores of North Carolina
  12. CheckVisit Oak Alley Plantation
  13. CheckSwim with Dolphins
  14. CheckHike Yosemite (Half Dome)
  15. CheckRide across the Golden Gate Bridge
  16. CheckGo to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle
  17. CheckExperience the Amish in Pennsylvania
  18. CheckRide the Cable Car in San Francisco
  19. CheckSee a Grizzly Bear
  20. CheckWine in California
  21. CheckTaste Mystic Pizza in Connecticut
  22. CheckHula at a Luau
  23. CheckVisit Kitty Hawk
  24. CheckVegas weekend that has to stay in Vegas
  25. CheckDo South Beach in Miami Beach
  26. CheckExperience the Smithsonian
  27. CheckBaseball game at Fenway Park & Dodger Stadium
  28. CheckSee Celene Dion in Vegas
  29. CheckMeet a Hollywood Golden Age Icon (Bob Hope)
  30. CheckSee a Broadway Show
  31. CheckVisit the Statue of Liberty and Staten Island (Find my great grandma’s name)
  32. CheckSee where the Pilgrims (My Ancestors) Landed
  33. CheckSee Niagara Falls
  34. CheckGo up the St. Louis Arch
  35. CheckVisit the Alamo
  36. CheckSee Lava from a Volcano
  37. CheckPay my respects at Pearl Harbor
  38. CheckDrive across the US
  39. CheckSee a civil war reenactment
  40. CheckSurf in Surf City California
  41. CheckGo camping under the stars
  42. CheckSee the Redwoods in California
  43. CheckBecome a Texan
  44. Drive all route 66
  45. Sit in the oval office
  46. Hot Air Balloon in New Mexico
  47. Watch the sunrise on Cadillac Mtn Maine (First place the sun hits in the USA)
  48. 4th of July in Boston
  49. Be a part of Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  50. Take a romantic buggy ride in Savannah
  51. See the Iditarod
  52. Climb Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii
  53. Have a Rockstar moment in LA
  54. Sleep at Disneyland/Disneyworld
  55. Meet Stephen Speilberg
  56. Sing like Elvis at Graceland
  57. Go to the Grand Ole Opry  in Nashville
  58. Ride a steamboat on the Mississippi
  59. Attend the Kentucky Derby with a BIG Hat
  60. See a shuttle launch from Kennedy
  61. Spend a week in Nantucket with friends/family & Clambake
  62. See a polar bear in Alaska