7 Foods to try in the Alsace Region of France

Border regions seems to have some of the best cuisine and Alsatian Food exemplifies this. The Alsace region, currently part of France, was once a part of Germany.  Eating in Alsace, you get a taste of both French and German foods and a third version of the blend of the two cuisines.

Regional Alsace Food Specialties

France Alsace Food


1 Choucroûte garnie

The “national dish of Alsace” is a version of German sauerkraut. The fermented cabbage cooked in white wine, beer or cider and seasoned with juniper berries and black peppercorns. The choucroûte is served hot with boiled potatoes and a variety of meats including ham, bacon, sausages, smoked meats and also fish on the menus.  This used to be the big Sunday meal but is now available all week.

choucroute garnie


2 Tarte flambée

The Alsatian equivalent of the Pizza, though extremely different. It is made of a thin layer of dough, covered with crème fraîche (rich sour cream), cheese, onions, and bacon (lardons in French). It is baked very quickly in an extremely hot oven so that it gets crispy. You will see it on menus as Flammekueche in Alsatian or Flammkuchen in German.

Tarte Flambe


3 Bäckeoffe

A very hearty casserole made with layers of sliced potatoes and leeks with two or three kinds of meats (beef, pork, lamb), cooked together in white wine inside an earthenware casserole. The dish is sealed to keep all the goodness in with a strip of bread dough.



4 Kugelhopf

This cake similar, in shape to the American Bundt cake, is baked with almonds and raisins and topped with powdered sugar on top. This is eaten as a Sunday breakfast cake with cafe au lait or an afternoon treat or dessert (add on the sweet sauces and whipped cream).



5 Tarte aux poires

The Alsace region is especially known for its pastries.  This pear tart has an eggy custard filling with baked pears.

Tarteaux Poires



Fresh baked and soft pretzels with generous amounts of salt. Sometimes you can find them with melted cheese on top accompanied by smoked salmon or ham.



7 Alsace Wines

Wash it all down with some regional wine. Vins d’Alsace are mostly white dry reislings and display a strong Germanic influence. One of the most noted is  Gewürztraminer.  Travel the wine road and try not to get Alsauced!!!

Alsace Wine

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