Hiking in Tucson at Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon is a popular hiking spot in Tucson. Located in the Coronado National Forest, Sabino Canyon has several hikes you can take for beginners to more experienced and there is even a tram tour which operates day and night to deeper parts of the canyon. When many parts of the country are covered in several feet of snow in February, enjoying a sunny day in the desert hiking in t-shirts is a treat.  A favorite for my family is the easy hike to the Dam.

Tucson - Sabino Canyon

The previous days it had rained pretty hard. The creeks were running full and over the roadways. This is also considered “green” for the desert.

Tucson - Sabino Canyon

It is rare to see the Sabino Canyon Dam running this hard and the creeks so full. The are a lot of slanted slate rocks at the base of the falls that people usually lay out on and enjoy the sunshine. Today they were covered.

Tucson - Sabino Canyon

View from the top of the Dam.Tucson - Sabino Canyon

This area is setup as a butterfly garden in the spring.   There are many picnic baskets to enjoy snacks and also lots of trails around the river to enjoy the views.Tucson - Sabino Canyon

This is the creek leading up to the dam. The white bare trees made it look almost snowy winter-scape until you see the cactus in the background. You can usually hike through here, but today it is deep in water.Tucson - Sabino Canyon
Another view of the roaring Dam before we made our way back.Tucson - Sabino Canyon

Views of the Saguaro cactus and down to the Tucson Valley.

Tucson - Sabino Canyon

Last view of the groves of Saguaro against the purple mountains.Tucson - Sabino Canyon

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