Cool History

As I traveler, I am constantly researching and learning…. New systems, New cultures, new languages (sort of…. at least the basics), and especially history. History leaves us clues and defines a Place and the People that live there.

Here are some of the articles about lessons in history that are worth a share:


Where are you from? Finding my Ancestry

Explore your ancestry with - See more at
As an American with my USA ancestry dating back almost 400 years, my DNA is quite a blend of European roots that migrated to the ...
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Speaking English in Europe

English Speakers in the EU
Nervous about going to Europe and encountering language barriers? How will my travel be only speaking English in Europe? In 2014, I spent almost the ...
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Histomap: Four Thousand Years of World History

Cartographies of Time
A snapshot of history. As I travel, I am constantly learning about each regions history and trying to put in all into together to understand ...
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