10 Reasons to Take a 2 Week Vacation

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Time to take that Vacation

Workaholics – It’s time to take a vacation. A real vacation. A full two week vacation. You probably don’t need convincing but here are 10 reasons to inspire you to book your vacation and go somewhere new.


Avoid Burnout

At some point working non-stop is a game of diminishing returns where the end result is burnout. Burnout is nature’s way of telling you that you are going through the motions and your soul has departed.  Taking a break BEFORE you burnout will save you time in the long run.

Besides, if you don’t take your two week vacation, you are essentially giving yourself a 3% decrease in annual pay as you are giving your time back to the company.

Destination: Vacation


Relieve Stress

There are numerous studies that show that time off provides a boost for your overall health. You feel better, sleep better and your mood is lifted resulting in your stress and anxiety being lower.   

That is good not only for you but everyone around you.

Vacation Stress


Slow Down

Busy, Busy, Busy – How many times do you think about work on a weekend? I imagine a lot. Taking a two week vacation forces you to offload some of your workload and remove your mind from work for a true “break”. 

Giving yourself enough time to truly get away lets you slow down and let your mind move past all the work chatter in your head. Let’s face it, it takes about 4 days to really unplug and start focusing on your new environment and start to really be invested in the NOW and the experience of nothingness.

Vacation nothing all day



You can never stop learning in life. Getting out of your normal routine gives you the opportunity to experience different things and learn.  Being in a new environment gives you insight into different ways of doing things, new cultures, history, new people, new relationships. Learning is life long and one of the best ways is to expand your universe and immerse yourself in a new environment



Expand your Awareness

New places and people will expand you awareness and open you up to the diversity in the world.  You truly don’t know until you have walked in someone’s shoes, but you can get a lot closer to understanding if you at least walk the streets in their environment. Refresh your perspective on the things you only read about or are told about through books & mass media to ascertain your viewpoint first-hand



Reconnect with your Family

Time is your most valuable asset. Taking two weeks to spend it with your loved ones allows you to connect and make memories that last a lifetime.  When you think back on your life, it is often the little unplanned moments that have the biggest impact. These only come with prioritizing your time with those people.

Moments & Memories


Reconnect with yourself

We have so many influences in our life with the constant stream of media and communications. Taking some time on your vacation gives you time to listen to your own voice. Who are you without the influence of other people and what do you really want in life? The voice is rarely heard until the mind is quiet.
Travel Escape


Re-Energize Your Curiosity

If going somewhere new and getting out of your comfort zone may seem scary, try a mental shift to your childhood when you had a natural curiosity of the world. Awaken your inner child that loved to explore all that was new, had “first-time” experiences, and no schedule.

There is no App for this


More Productive

Being away from home helps your mind and body reboot and restart in such a way that is not possible at home. Taking time off and recharging your batteries will result in you being more productive with your time when you do return to work.  We all need time both mentally and physically to rest, so we can be effective to our work, our families, and ourselves.
Recharge your Batteries


Rejuvenate your Life Focus

When your mind is de-stressed and quiet, you discover new ideas and approaches in your existing life. The experience outside your daily world may also help you refocus on your life goals. There is so much more to life than what’s on your to-do list
Make a life.

Inspired to take a Vacation?