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BlueSkyTraveler Passport StampAre you looking for a Gen-X traveling audience?

I have worked in online marketing for over a decade. Beyond self-generated Organic Search for your brand, the next best value user is one generated from unique content where the user is either a follower or has searched for the site due to specific intent.

Always on the lookout for new adventures, products and tips, my audience is based on people like me who want to travel sometimes in luxury, sometimes more economically, but MAJORITY of the time are looking for great VALUE travel experiences.  My audience is mostly hard-working in their careers (specifically independent women) &  travel enthusiasts who enjoy multiple vacations a year.

If you would like to showcase your brand or ad, please send an email to [email protected].


Advertising Options:

CheckBrand Sponsorship

I seek to partner with brands that reflect my values. Brand ambassadorships are long-term partnerships promoting a brand on and across social media channels. Each brand ambassadorship is custom-tailored depending on the needs of the brand.


I builds targeted campaigns for both brands and destination marketing organizations. A typical campaign will include:

  • real-time social media coverage,
  • several blog posts featuring the destination or brand,
  • temporary or permanent access to photos, and/or content creation for the brand.

CheckTravel Product Reviews

Your product receives its own promotional post written by me in my own voice. It will be shared three times on Twitter and once each on Facebook, Google +, and Pinterest, as well as pushed out to all RSS readers. The post will be featured on the front page and will stay there for the 9 most recent posts.

I charge a rate commensurate with the amount of work and coverage.  All campaign or sponsored travel contains a disclosure stating so.  To invite me to join an existing campaign or have me build a new campaign, please contact me at the email below.

Ready to start?

Please Contact Teri at [email protected]


Guest Posts / Link Insertion:

I do not repost other people’s articles or guest posts.

I do not insert paid links in my posts for products I have not used and can authentically recommend or for places that I have not visited. This is against Google’s Policy.

This travel blog started as a passion project to share my personal travel experiences and has become a trusted resource not only for personal friends but also my valued audience.  All content is based on my personal experiences and preferences.