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BlueSkyTravelerAt the age of 35, it started to appear that I was not on the right path. Many of the pillars that I had built in my life were either no longer desirable, really shaky, or falling down – mostly without direct cause and effect of my actions. With so many signs coming at me indicating that I was not doing what I was meant to be doing in this world, I decided to start making some changes starting with LIFE REIMAGINED.

Old enough to know there is so much to experience in this world
young enough to do something about it.

I started to put focus into a new type of life that I really wanted using all the tools & hard earned lessons from my life. It took about five years to deconstruct the traditional life path that I had previously taken, but as I passed the 40 mark, I started off on a new adventure creating the LIFE that I wanted with the primary focus on travel and becoming a citizen of the world.  I have now traveled all 50 US States and 41 countries.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

– Oprah Winfrey

My travel style?

My interests shape the focus of my travels and I tend to plan my activities to cover these three areas:

  • Exploring history
  • Experiencing different cultures
  • Enjoying the natural beauty in the big world we live in.

This website:

Hopefully, it will provide Inspiration to explore OUR world

My friends and people I met along the way were always asking me for itineraries/ travel notes, how did I organize a trip, what do I pack AND to see all the pictures…. so here it all is.  The lesson of the story, the experience did not happen overnight. One step at a time, I became more comfortable exploring the big world we live in. And now I have the opportunity to be a storyteller and share my experiences to inspire you to travel also.

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Dreaming of never-ending blue skies.