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Inspiration to Travel to France ~ Viva la France ~ Explore the cities & regions including Paris, Normandy, Bayeux, Mont St. Michel, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Provence, Nice, Alsace, & Colmar. Plan your next vacation.

The Magnificence of Versailles

*, France, History, UNESCO
France Versailles
Versailles - Voltaire described it best - "a masterpiece of bad taste and magnificence". Created by the Sun King, Versailles is one of France's most ...
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Top 10 Sites to See in Normandy, France

France, Normandy
Normandy France Top 10
The Normandy region is a must see on a trip to France. Steeped in history with settlements of Celts, Romans and finally the Vikings in ...
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Joan of Arc & the Siege of Orléans

France, History, Loire
France Orleans Joan of Arc
History has not been kind to the city of Orléans which has seen more than its fair share of siege including its most famous one ...
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Normandy D-Day Tour

France, History, Normandy
France Normandy Tour
Visiting the D-Day sights in Normandy, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and pride to be American.... it is a privilege.  Today has been a lesson ...
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History in Bayeux France

France, History, Normandy, UNESCO
France Bayeux
Bayeux, a small town in France, is the centerpiece for two famous trans-Channel invasions. The conquest of England by William the Conqueror in 1066 started ...
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Walking into a Monet Painting

France, Nature, Normandy
Monet's Giverny
To visit Monet's Giverny is to walk into an Impressionist painting. Stroll the gardens and you will see how Monet's visions of water lilies, flowers ...
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Fairy tale village of Colmar, France

*, Alsace, France, History
France Colmar
A trip to Colmar is a trip to the villages of your childhood fairy tales.  Founded in the 9th century, this town has layers of ...
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Alsace Region of France

Alsace, France, History
France Alsace - Must See Towns
France's Alsace Region is one of the hidden gems with a diverse culture layered by history. Due to its geographical location on the French / ...
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7 Foods to try in the Alsace Region of France

Alsace, Food, France
France Alsace Food
Border regions seems to have some of the best cuisine. The Alsace region currently part of France was once a part of Germany - many ...
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Charming French Village of Riquewihr

Alsace, France, History
France Riquewihr
Riquewihr is one of the crown jewels of the Alsace Region in France. One of the few towns not be greatly damaged in World War ...
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Hot Air Ballooning over Chateau’s In France

Hot Air Ballooning in France
Another of my bucket list items has been to go up in a hot air balloon. So when I had the opportunity while touring the ...
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A visit to Mont St. Michel

France, History, UNESCO
Mont St. Michel, France
Mont St. Michel is one of France's most iconic sites.  Seeing this island with a medieval town spiraling up to the church monastery and abbey ...
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The tides of Mont St. Michel

Europe, France, Storytelling
Tides of Mont St. Michel
The tides of Mont St. Michel are legendary. Upon climbing to the ramparts of Mont St. Michel, you will be treated to beautiful views of ...
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