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Inspiration for travel to Montenegro ~ Wild Beauty ~ Find Europe's Southern Fjord at the Bay of Montenegro and explore mountains, Budva, Kotor. Plan your vacation.

Top 10 Movies about the Balkans

Top 10 Movies about the Balkans
Take a trip to the Balkans through the movies. The focus of many of the films about the Balkans is the wars that broke-up the ...
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Montenegro Daytrip from Dubrovnik

Montenegro Daytrip -
A daytrip visit to the country of Montenegro seemed like a must while staying in Dubrovnik, Croatia in order to see the UNESCO Bay of ...
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Budva on the Montenegro Riviera

Budva - Montenegro -
The Budva Old Town, a typical walled city with a maze of streets, sits on a peninsula on the Adriatic Coast and has become the destination for ...
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Exploring the walled city of Kotor

Montenegro - Kotor -
At the end of the Bay of Kotor, the walled city of Kotor is sight to see for Adriatic medieval fortifications with gates, maze-like streets, ...
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Bay of Kotor • Europe’s Southern Fjord

Montenegro - Bay of Kotor -
Montenegro lives up to the name, Black Mountain, with its dramatic tall fjord like mountains surrounding the Bay of Kotor ...
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