Is ALL of my travel and gear sponsored? NO.
Are SOME of my travel experiences and gear sponsored? Yes.

For most of my corporate career from 1997-2013 and personal travel in 2014, I traveled on my own funds or as add-ons to corporate trips. For example, I would be traveling to a destination for work Monday through Friday, which my company paid for me to travel to the destination, and then I would extend my trip through the weekend using my own funds and then fly back on Sunday. I prioritized travel over other personal hobbies during my non-working time.

This blog has grown out of pure passion for travel and photography and I wanted to insure it stays that way. I have made financial choices (ie having other online businesses) which allowed me to grow this blog slowly and not be dependent on it for income to live.

Starting in 2015, I am sometimes invited by travel destinations, organization or companies to experience their products and share my experiences about their destinations, product or services. This means I receive compensation or I may receive items such as flights, rooms, products gratis.

Though I may receive goods, services or experiences from my host, the opinions are my own.

I have also included affiliate links in my blog. By clicking these links and sometimes only with purchase, I receive a small commission for recommending these products at no extra cost to you.

Per the FTC Disclosure rules, I am required to disclose when affiliate links or compensation occurs including items listed in these pics ->>> and I provide this abbreviated disclosure, linking to this lengthy disclosure, on pages where I have affiliate links or was compensated / was a guest of a company.


Not Allowed Here

LINK INSERTION: I do not recommend or insert links of products & services that I do not use and authentically recommend. Link schemes including paid links, link swaps, and other methods to manipulate incoming/outgoing links are against Google’s Policy and I find it unethical.

GUEST POSTS: I do not host guest posts from other travelers/companies as I cannot guarantee they have actually been to the place or the authenticity of post.  I feel these practices are rarely about sharing travel experiences with readers and more about inorganic backlinks.  The guest posts articles I am sent are usually canned researched articles (as opposed to real life experience) with little value for readers.  I personally find it frustrating to visit a site based on an article and quickly discover that the person writing the article was clearly never there or simply just took a selfie and left.  No value.

To this day, the majority of my travel is self-funded with non-travel related income. This allows me to keep my passion for travel, flexibility to explore, and ability to only work with travel brands on this blog that I truly use and believe in.

I do enjoy working with travel brands that align with my vision of travel and find it a great way to explore travel opportunities I would not have thought of or experienced on my own, not only for my blog & personal experiences but to also introduce these places, products and experiences to readers of this blog who are hopefully inspired to travel and see more.

My goal is to provide an authentic partnership with brands, the people who read and use this blog to travel, and most importantly myself.

If you have a concern about anything I have written, questions, or would like to provide updated information, please contact me