Personality in Zurich, Switzerland

As I travel, I often come across some interesting characters.  Today, I was WOW’d by this woman in Switzerland.  I visited Zurich in the dead of winter en route to skiing at the Matterhorn. This winter day, though, was particularly sunny and everyone was flooding to the parks for a view of the lake & the snowy Alps and to soak up the sunshine before another storm of snow. We had just taken in the view of Lake Zurich when we turned and saw this woman in the park.

She was sitting on the park bench with what looked like an equally interesting gentleman character with the pipe.

Personality shines in Zurich
Personality shines in Zurich

What a burst of color amongst all the blue/grey/tan folks (including us).

If you look carefully, she has one pink glove and one orange.

As I have been a traveler for 4 years with a year solid in Europe, my clothes are often more functional (Long-wearing, waterproof, and I often try to blend for safety).  But I might have to rethink this.

We happened to be walking behind her later in the day as we walked into town and you could see everyone smiling at her in appreciation for her boldness of color.

What a character! I wanted to see her house!  She lets her personality SHINE!