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All of the travel products that I ACTUALLY use on my travels!


Camera Gear

Canon is my go-to camera brand for the majority of my DSLR shots on Instagram and this blog. I started with a intro level Canon Rebel DSLR, upgraded my gear through KEH trade-in programs and now use a Canon 6d. Check out my lens selections and also GoPro equipment here.

Camera Bags

If you own a professional camera, you are probably on a never-ending search for camera bags like me. I have a few go-to’s that I use for city trips and nature adventures.

Travel Packing

To roll or not to roll!?!  I roll and also use Samsonite luggage and ebags packing cubes. These products have lasted me years but also love how these solid companies evolve their products with the latest technologies to keep your luggage sturdy and lightweight.

Travel Hacks & Tips

Travel on the road 365 days per year and you will become a packing Ninja. Here are some of my life-saver products.

Toiletry Gear

The stuff that is annoying to pack, may ruin your luggage if it explodes, but needed to keep you clean, smell-free and polished on the road.

Road Trip Gear

Road-trips become infinitely easier with a few gadgets.


Beyond the camera, these are the electronics that help me run my business full-time on the road and keep me entertained, while staying lightweight.

Travel Worthy Shoes

After a million steps on cobble-stone streets, I have a few tried and trusty brands that keep me from having “angry feet”.

Travel Inspired Clothing

I am by no means a fashionista, but do like to stay comfortable and warm. Some of my finds …