Smiles in Siena, Italy

A smile can certainly brighten your day!

Kids Smiling in Siena
Cheese & Giggles in Siena

We have all been there… dog tired after walking over cobblestone streets exploring wonderful new towns.

Today, I was exploring Siena, Italy – one of the larger Tuscany hill towns… key word being HILL.

I had walked down to the base of the town to see Siena’s bottini, the city’s underground water tunnels and now had to walk back up.  The cobblestones streets are quite steep and at the end of the day… you just hope there is gelato or wine at the top…. both of which are thankfully in surplus in Italy.

As I was trudging up the hill, camera in hand, I began to hear squeaky little voices saying “Cheese”, “Cheese”, “Cheese”. As I looked up, I saw these two smiling and giggling faces waving. They were pointing to my camera.  So I happily took some pictures of the two cuties as they giggled and ham’d it up for me.

Brightened my mood and made the rest of the climb effortless.